About Me

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My Story

As an experienced physiotherapist with special interests in chronic pain, rheumatology and orthopaedic rehabilitation, I enjoy helping clients of all ages achieve their rehab goals.

After gaining a Masters in Physiotherapy, I worked in the public NHS System in the Uk, where I practiced in the specialties of trauma and orthopaedics, paediatrics, neurological rehabilitation and elderly rehabilitation and respiratory Physiotherapy. Following these rotations I then specialised in musculoskeletal lower limb, spinal and upper limb Physiotherapy while developing a passion for helping chronic pain and rheumatoid conditions. Since moving to Australia 10 years ago I have applied my skills and experience in private practice, treating a wide variety of client groups and delivering pain management programs.

My vast experience ensures my clients are provided with extensive knowledge and understanding of the rehabilitation process, and all aspects of Physiotherapy.

My Mission

From the start to the end of your rehab journey, my mission is to make your rehabilitation simple. I provide you with techniques to reduce your pains and empower you to take control of your rehabilitation.

Specialist Persistent Pain and Rheumatoid Therapist

Rehab-4U’s person-centred assessment and rehabilitation approach to Physiotherapy keeps you at the centre of everything I do.

Our Person-Centred Approach

We know that everybody is different and that there are many barriers that influence recovery from pain or injury. But this does not mean your injury or rehab has do be difficult or complex.

Through the application of our person-centred collaborative approach to rehabilitation, we perform comprehensive clinical assessments in which we spend time getting to know you. We provide clear and simple rehabilitation processes to follow, and we utilise a variety of evidence-based therapy techniques.

This collaborative approach is aimed to reduce your pain as soon as possible and to remove any barriers you may have to achieve your rehabilitation goals. 


We Treat

Our experienced clinicians provide high-quality specialist physiotherapy treatments in the following areas


Back and Spinal Pain

Persistent or Chronic Pain

Rheumatology Conditions

Sport Injuries

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Education (Pre and Post Surgery)

Elderly Rehabilitation


Workplace Injury and Assessment

Dizziness and Vertigo



Sports & Orthopaedic Injury

Physiotherapy services for all your injury and trauma needs


Persistent / Chronic Pain Management

Finding ways to ease your pain and get back to being you


Rheumatoid Physiotherapy

Using a variety of techniques and interventions to manage your condition effectively